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Barbara, Jerry, and their family worked many long hours at the camp prepping it for family, friends and hunters or for just a day for the two of them to get away and fish and do a little front porch sitting!  Barbara has so many precious memories of their times there together! It was "a happy place" for Barbara and Jerry!

Bob and I enjoyed the day so much and if he said one time, he said it a hundred..."I love this place.  I could live here!"  Enjoy some photos from our day.


Barbara hand painted all the signs you will see around the camp. 


There are plenty of places you can just sit outside, lean back against a tree, relax and watch for deer....bear.....SNAKES!!!! I watched every step I took, for sure! 


Bob enjoyed a little fishing while we were there! It was so great to see him fishing again!


I'm not 100% sure about this....but I believe this was a quote from one of her boys when Barbara and Jerry were working at the camp and Barbara wanted everything "just right". hehe 


My favorite part was the front porch sitting with a clear view of the pond and the woods all around.


The inside of the cabin is a true to life hunter's and fishermen's dream!  


Jerry was an avid Yankees fan!! I love this!! 


The personal touches around the camp are so heart-warming!  Again, Barbara's craftiness shines! 


No hunting cabin would be complete without a fire pit and a campfire. The stumps around the fire pit are from a tree in Barbara and Jerry's yard!  


I could sit for hours and hours in this swing and just listen to the quiet...and the occasional bullfrog..hehe! 


Barbara will always be able to reflect on all the happy memories she and Jerry had at the camp! Please make lots of memories with your family!!

(Kathy Jennings Photography) camp camping fishing hunting https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/7/a-day-cation-at-honey-rock-camp-kathy-jennings-photography Sun, 22 Jul 2018 13:17:59 GMT
Maddy Lavender | Class of 2019 | Wilson Memorial High School https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/7/maddy-lavender-class-of-2019-wilson-memorial-high-school I was so lucky to be able to photograph Maddy for her senior session this week! We spent the evening at two different locations and we packed all we could get into approximately 2 1/2 hours! We did have a couple of 'little mishaps" by the end of the evening but oh my goodness I had so much fun with this sweet girl!

Maddy is not only a beautiful young lady...but the short time I spent with her I could tell that she is just a beautiful on the inside. She was a natural in front of the camera and made my job way easy!!  She is a senior at Wilson Memorial High School and plans to further her education after graduation at a community college and then transfer to a 4 year college. 

Maddy.....I hope you have a great senior year! You will experience a lot of "lasts" this year......last first day of school, last homecoming, last football game....soak it all in and make lots of memories!!  I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from your session.




I love this one!


Maddy, I love this outfit and am so happy you chose this color....it just seems to fit your personality! 


We made a quick stop at the swinging bridge before heading to Goshen Pass.


This is at the end of our session when things took a little turn.....I was trying to walk in the river to get the perfect angle and slipped on a rock and fell in the river! My camera was not damaged and I was fine...so it was all good! haha



This is the worse part........when Maddy got up to walk back to the shore, she cut her foot on a rock!!! Thank goodness for her sweet boyfriend who carried her to the car! 



(Kathy Jennings Photography) senior senior photographer senior photography senior session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/7/maddy-lavender-class-of-2019-wilson-memorial-high-school Fri, 13 Jul 2018 13:09:11 GMT
Mike and Christyl | A Downtown Lexington Engagement Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/7/mike-and-christyl-a-downtown-lexington-engagement-session PrintPrint


Mike and Christyl are getting married next fall and we just finished up with their engagement session in downtown Lexington. These two know downtown very well as Mike is a postal carrier for the USPS and works the central business district in Downtown Lexington. He's been with the post office for nearly 20 years.  Christyl's full tiime job is with the Chamber of Commerce serving  Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County, where her official title is "Office Administrator" although she wears many hats. Christyl also maintains her own small business providing social media consultation and website development services to small businesses in need within the Lexington area.  Mike is also an excellent barber if you need a fresh cut... and he's a wiz with VW and European cars. 

The downtown merchants were so gracious and accommodating to us! The Bistro on Main let us.... heck they even helped us.... rearrange all the patio furniture outside and we pretty much took over TAPS ....the place of Christyl and Mike's first date!  It couldn't have been a better experience! THANK you so much to these downtown businesses! Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to Suzanna Garrett of Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery for allowing Christyl to wear their jewelry for her engagement session! 

Christyl and Mike met at work. Christyl worked at the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate at the time and Mike delivered the mail. They chatted quite a bit during his stops. When Christyl moved to the Chamber of Commerce, which was still on Mike's route, the conversations continued. Mike eventually asked her out for a "birthday drink"  at TAPS (after some urging from a mutual friend) and she accepted. The rest is "Derby History" and that's now their "thing."

Mike and Christyl have a love for good 1990s R&B and Hip Hop so they headed off to DC for a concert. The next morning they visited Martin's Tavern in Georgetown for brunch . Although it was chilly and spitting rain, after brunch, they walked along the water arm in arm.  They got back to the overlook point where they should have turned right to walk back to the car, but Mike walked her left to the overlook. They stood there for a moment, and then Mike said ---- "I have something for you."  Christyl says "that was the beginning of the happiest moment of my life." 

Mike and Christyl....congratulations on your engagement and thanks for such a great time during your session.  Enjoy some of my favorites! 



Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_001.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_001.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_016.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_016.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_014.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_014.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_023.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_023.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_030.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_030.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_036.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_036.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_044.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_044.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_050.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_050.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_052.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_052.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_008.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_008.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_064.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_064.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_047.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_047.jpg _DSC1421 copy.jpg_DSC1421 copy.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_054.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_054.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_070.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_070.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_079.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_079.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_088.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_088.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_093.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_093.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_097.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_097.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_101.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_101.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_107.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_107.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_124.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_124.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_139.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_139.jpg


On this day, I was so thankful to Mike for taking Christyl to TAPS on their first date and not someplace outside!!  It was our refuge from the near 100 degree temperatures!! It gave us a chance to get lots of photos....cool off...and get water refills!! 

Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_227.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_227.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_149.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_149.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_151.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_151.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_152.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_152.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_158.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_158.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_161.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_161.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_207.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_207.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_191.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_191.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_180.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_180.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_164.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_164.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_175.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_175.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_182.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_182.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_185.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_185.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_214.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_214.jpg

Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_206.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_206.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_194.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_194.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_205.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_205.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_224.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_224.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_222.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_222.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_242.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_242.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_258.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_258.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_261.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_261.jpg


Thanks you guys for showing everyone how much fun we have on engagement sessions!

Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_264.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_264.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_279.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_279.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_291.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_291.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_295.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_295.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_296.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_296.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_297.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_297.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_301.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_301.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_305.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_305.jpg



Our stop at the post office also provided us with another little break from the heat...not to mention the inside is awesome with the woodwork and old post office boxes!! 

Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_308.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_308.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_312.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_312.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_318.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_318.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_319.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_319.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_322.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_322.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_335.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_335.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_343.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_343.jpg


Last stop was Mulberry Hill, the venue for Christyl and Mike's October 2019 wedding! It is gorgeous!!

Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_358.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_358.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_363.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_363.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_370.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_370.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_372.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_372.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_374.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_374.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_378.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_378.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_380.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_380.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_388.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_388.jpg Cristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_389.jpgCristyl and Mike_ July 03, 2018_389.jpg


Special Shout-outs To:

Suzanna Garrett, Earth, Fire, and Spirit Pottery

The Bistro on Main



(Kathy Jennings Photography) downtown lexington downtown lexington engagement session engagement session lexington photographer https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/7/mike-and-christyl-a-downtown-lexington-engagement-session Fri, 06 Jul 2018 12:18:30 GMT
Douglas and Marie | Plantation on Sunnybrook Wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/7/douglas-and-marie-the-plantation-on-sunnybrook  



Do you remember Douglas and Marie from their engagement session last fall?  Well, their big day finally arrived and they were married Saturday, June 23 at the gorgeous Plantation on Sunnybrook in Roanoke. It was my first wedding at the Plantation and oh my goodness...I fell in love with the place and hope I get to go back very soon! 

After Marie and Doug booked their wedding with me, they had a change of date and venue.  I will never forget when Maire contacted me about the change, she said, "Is this going to work for you, because I HAVE to have you as my wedding photographer?" I knew right then and there that they were MY perfect couple and that I would do anything possible to make the change work! 

The day couldn't have been more beautiful.  Only once right at ceremony time was there ever a threat of rain (I'm not gonna lie there were a few sprinkles), and just about when it was time for Marie to walk down the aisle, the clouds started to lift and the beautiful blue sky appeared! The reactions from Douglas, Brooklyn, and Landon when they saw Marie were priceless and had just about everyone in tears!  

Marie and Doug, thank you so very, very much for letting me share in such a  special day! I hope you enjoy some of my favorites! 




Grant, you never disappoint with the special photos you get with the guys before the ceremony! 


The bridal suite at the Plantation was on point and Marie's details were so beautiful! 




I want to live here!!!!






This was in the a.m. and you can see from the following photos how it is starting to cloud up nearing ceremony time.



And this is right at ceremony time with threatening clouds...it was sprinkling rain at this point.


OH MY WORD!! I couldn't hold back the tears!! 


and BAM....blue skies!




They almost made it without smearing it on each other's faces. haha


These two have some serious moves!!







Doug and Maire,  I wish you all the happiness in the world! It was a pleasure to work with you

and capture memories that I hope you will cherish for a lifetime!

Thanks so much for trusting me! Love you guys!! 




Baker: The Plantation on Sunnybrook

 DJ: DJ Vivid Lee

Bride's Dress: Newfangled Bride

Bridesmaid Dresses: Macy's

Catering: The Plantation on Sunnybrook

Favors: TotallyPromotional.com

Florist: Debbie Flower Shoppe On Main

Groom's Attire: Men's Warehouse

Groomsmen Attire: Men's Warehouse

Hair Stylist: Samantha Morgan The Hair Studio

Printing: EtsyOfficiant: Jared Walters 

Photographer: Kathy Jennings Photography

2nd Photographer:  Grant Rettig Photography

Planner: Larami Van Ness at The Plantation on Sunnybrook



Please enjoy a short slideshow....hover over bottom of photo and press play at the bottom. ( FYI....To be honest I don't think this slideshow works on a cell phone, but on a computer, there is music.......)




(Kathy Jennings Photography) doug and marie cash Plantation on Sunnybrook roanoke venues roanoke weddings https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/7/douglas-and-marie-the-plantation-on-sunnybrook Mon, 02 Jul 2018 13:11:37 GMT
Brittany + Grant | House Mountain Inn Wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/5/brittany-grant-house-mountain-inn-wedding PrintPrint

Grant and Brittany were married on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at House Mountain Inn surrounded by their closest family and friends.  The forecast did not look good days out from the wedding and the night before there was a 100% chance of rain for Saturday.

Of course, Brittany had a back-up plan and was perfectly fine if it came to moving the ceremony under shelter.  The rain held off and it only sprinkled a little during the ceremony, but you know what... I don't even think Grant or Brittany realized it was raining!

Their ceremony was so touching and totally reflected who they are as a couple. They both were so very happy and if you see tears in the photos (and you will) they are all tears of joy and love! Heck, there were times I couldn't even see through my camera because my tears were flowing! The day was absolutely magical!  

Grant and Brittany, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your forever memories! May you always be as happy as you were on your wedding day!! Love you both!! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from the day.


2018_05_05 rettig_-770.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-770.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-775.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-775.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-779.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-779.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-228.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-228.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-852.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-852.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-864.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-864.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-874.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-874.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-789-2.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-789-2.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-34.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-34.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-323.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-323.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-368.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-368.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-374.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-374.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-382.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-382.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-385.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-385.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-394.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-394.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-409.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-409.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-472.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-472.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-895.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-895.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-902.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-902.jpg      2018_05_05 rettig_-789.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-789.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-799.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-799.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-818.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-818.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-795.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-795.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-822.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-822.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-686.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-686.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-691.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-691.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-706.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-706.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-717.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-717.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-738.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-738.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-741.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-741.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-762.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-762.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-766.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-766.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2995.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2995.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3018.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3018.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-3056.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3056.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3080.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3080.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3104.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3104.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3113.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3113.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1306.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1306.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1275.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1275.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1101.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1101.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1328.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1328.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1421.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1421.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1112.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1112.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1125.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1125.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1450.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1450.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1484.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1484.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1492.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1492.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1503.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1503.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1517.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1517.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1521.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1521.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1539.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1539.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1567.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1567.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1582.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1582.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1597.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1597.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1612.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1612.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1623.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1623.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1624.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1624.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1637.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1637.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1640.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1640.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-1644.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1644.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-1665.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1665.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1679.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1679.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-940.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-940.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-941.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-941.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-944.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-944.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-952.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-952.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-2495.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2495.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-1015.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1015.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1017.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1017.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1680-2.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1680-2.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1688.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1688.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1694.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1694.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1715.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1715.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1718.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1718.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1725.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1725.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1734.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1734.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1744.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1744.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-2663.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2663.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2883.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2883.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2945.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2945.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2967.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2967.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2975.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2975.jpg              

2018_05_05 rettig_-2642.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2642.jpg

Place your mouse over the bottom of the photo below to play the slideshow.



Venue:  House Mountain Inn

Videographer:  Brown Bow Tie Videography

Wedding Attire:  Becky's Bridal

Invitations:  Grant Rettig

D.J. - J.D. Camden

Florist - University Florist

Wedding Planner:  Jamie Grue, House Mountain Inn

Coordinator:  Brooke Shehan Events

Makeup:  Danielle Hand

Hair:  Cindy's Salon

Program and Signage:  Katy Patterson

Cake:  Suan Tedrow, Tasteful Planning

Cake Projection:  Grant Rettig

Officiants:  Pastor Michael Hamilton and Danny Cole

Catering:  House Mountain Inn

Photographer:  Kathy Jennings Photography assisted by Becky Sheets









(Kathy Jennings Photography) house mountain inn kathy jennings photography lexington wedding lexington wedding photographer virginia wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/5/brittany-grant-house-mountain-inn-wedding Mon, 21 May 2018 12:28:53 GMT
Alexi + Andy | An Irvine Estate Wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/5/alexi-andy-an-irvine-estate-wedding

Alexi and Andy were married on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at The Irvine Estate in Lexington, Virginia.  Both Alexi and Andy are officers in the Navy and they met during training as Navigators.

At first, it was easy for Alexi and Andy to see each as they both worked to earn their Wings of Gold. Soon though their flight schedules and personal goals made it more difficult for them, especially when Alexi received orders to Whidbey Island.  Andy worked hard to get his choice of orders to Whidbey as well when Alexi called to tell him she was about to fly out on a P-3 Orion on her first deployment overseas.  They were apart for over a year but were finally reunited. 

After her third deployment with her squadron, Alexi was sent back to Florida by the Navy to learn how to fly in the P-8 Poseidon aircraft, and to lead the way forward for future aviators in the Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance community.  What that meant, of course, was that Andy and Alexi were, yet again, separated. The holidays came and allowed Andy and Alexi to reunite as well as spend some time with each other's families. Andy was able to talk to her parents alone about his intentions and also coordinate with some friends in Florida the "Birthday Surprise" of a lifetime before he and Alexi had to go their separate ways at the end of the holidays.

As the 4th of July, 2016 approached, Andy flew home to show his family in Virginia Beach, Virginia the engagement ring he could not wait to slip on Alexi's finger. As fireworks exploded in the skies, Andy was flying to Jacksonville for what Alexi thought was a birthday weekend visit. Andy told Alexi he had coordinated a visit for her and some friends to an Elephant sanctuary as a birthday gift for her. Instead of just seeing the elephants up close in their enclosures, Alexi and Andy were granted early access to the park with their friends. 

Greeting them at the gate was a big dirty elephant who they proceeded to give a bath. As the elephant was drying off the couple was asked to wait outside for the elephant for some pictures together before the park opened...and a birthday surprise.  Out of the barn with a red gift bag grasped ever so gently in her trunk, the elephant approached Alexi with the gift.  With her focus on the now clean, gorgeous giant, Alexi did not notice Andy down on one knee behind her.  It wasn't until she reached inside the bag and found a note that had "Will you..." written on it, did Alexi realize what was goin on. Alexi turned around, said yes to whatever it was Andy was stumbling through (though he had rehearsed those lines over a million times). That moment was one Andy, Alexi, and that elephant will never forget.

Alexi and Andy, it was a pleasure to share in such a special and happy day for you both! I wish you all the best! 

(Hover over the bottom of the photo below and press play to begin slideshow.)



Venue:  The Irvine Estate

Florist:  University Florist

Baker:  Sweet Treats

D.J. :  Jeff Mason and Billy Thomas

Hair:  Lauren Bell

Officiant:  Erin Horne

Photography:  Kathy Jennings Photography assisted by Grant Rettig Photography




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Keegan + Jake | A House Mountain Inn Engagement Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/4/keegan-jake-a-house-mountain-engagement-session  


I met Keegan and Jake at House Mountain Inn on Sunday for a beautiful morning engagement session. Keegan and Jake live in Chesapeake with their German Shepherd, Chloe. Jake is in the Army based of VA Beach and Keegan works in the laboratory at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Va.  Honestly, I have the most giving couples who have dedicated their lives to serving others! 

I knew Keegan when she was just a wee little girl but had never met Jake. Keegan described Jake to me in a questionnaire I sent before their session.  One of the things she said was "When I met Jacob for the first time in person, we hit it off instantly! We talked as if we’d known each other for years and hadn’t missed a beat! It was like catching up with your very best friend after being apart for some time. He was such a gentleman, kind, funny, and so very handsome!" YES, YES, AND YES!!!! It is all so very true! And can we just talk about Keegan...who by the way is the spitting image of her mother.... and is the sweetest and most kind person you would ever meet! 

Now listen to this proposal story!! I will have to say this is the most dramatic proposal story I have heard.  You are going to see that these two are very adventurous for sure!

Keegan says, "Jacob and I got engaged in the Dominican Republic on September 21st, 2017 during Hurricane Maria. We had planned a Caribbean vacation to the Dominican but as the day of our departure approached, we were worried we weren't going to be able to go because Hurricane Maria was wreaking havoc throughout the islands. After constantly checking for updates, our flights were still on time so we decided to wing it and go on our planned vacation. We flew into the Dominican Republic in the midst of Hurricane Maria and boy was it a rough landing! The wings of the plane nearly touched the ground on both sides as it teetered to a stop. We made the drive to the hotel along the coast watching the waves crash into land. It was pouring on our first day in the Dominican and the wind was wild! We checked into the resort and decided we wanted to go exploring around the resort, despite the rain and wind. Once we settled into our room, Jake requested to change clothes and, unbeknownst to me, had slipped a small box into his pocket and carried it around while we went exploring. We made a pit stop at the hotel bar and overheard some girls talking about how they had snuck out onto the beach past the caution tape to take photos of the hurricane. The beach had been blocked off with caution tape because of the debris resulting from the ongoing Hurricane Maria and to prevent anyone from going near the water. Well, we decided we wanted to sneak past the caution tape and go onto the beach too... in the middle of a hurricane! Maybe not the best idea, but we were curious! So Jake and I snuck past the caution tape and ran out onto the beach through the palm trees towards the ocean to get a better look at Hurricane Maria. It was like nothing we had ever seen before! We were getting drenched by rain and the wind was awful but that didn’t stop us, and didn’t stop Jake from getting down on one knee asking me to marry him in the middle of it! I had no idea he was going to propose, let alone during the middle of a hurricane! We were soaked from the rain, my hair was a mess, mascara running, looking like a disaster, and yet it was the single best day of my life thus far, and Jake’s too. It was such a wonderful surprise and of course I said YES to spending the rest of my life with such a wonderful man. It is definitely a day (and adventure) we will never forget! 

It was so much fun to hear more details of their story the morning of our session! Keegan and Jake, you two are just awesome and I CAN NOT wait to capture all the special moments of your day!! Enjoy some of my favorite images from their session.


2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -5.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -5.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -7.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -7.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -10.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -10.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -21.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -21.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -23.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -23.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -28.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -28.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -36.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -36.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -37.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -37.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -43.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -43.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -47.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -47.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -57.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -57.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -60.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -60.jpgIt was a gorgeous morning for Keegan and Jake's engagement session! I can't wait to share Jake's proposal story! It is a good one ya'll!! 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -69.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -69.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -73.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -73.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -75.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -75.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -83.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -83.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -80.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -80.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -79.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -79.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -85.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -85.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -86.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -86.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -87.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -87.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -119.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -119.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -108.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -108.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -91.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -91.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -94.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -94.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -103.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -103.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -106.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -106.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -121.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -121.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -132.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -132.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -126.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -126.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -135.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -135.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -140.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -140.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -145.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -145.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -147.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -147.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -149.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -149.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -150.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -150.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -131.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -131.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -161.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -161.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -175.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -175.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -184.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -184.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -195.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -195.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -196.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -196.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -198.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -198.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -206.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -206.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -207.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -207.jpg 2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -214.jpg2018_04_22 Keegan and Jake -214.jpg

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Jason and Hollie | Lexington Engagement Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/4/jason-and-hollie-lexington-engagement-session


Jason and Hollie connected through mutual friends three years ago.  There was an instant attraction....a "love at first sight" kind of date!  Last Christmas, Hollie and Jason's family were together at Hollie's house and after all the festivities of the day were over, Jason "remembered" that he had another gift for Hollie in his truck that he couldn't wrap because it was too big! So Hollie's mom covered her eyes while Jason went to get her gift. When Hollie's eyes were uncovered, Jason was on one knee with the ring! (I just got chills...) Of course, Hollie said, "YES" and bawled the rest of the night!! They celebrated with champagne and cake!

Jason is a State Trooper in Augusta County and Hollie is a Registered Nurse in the ER at Sentara Rockingham Memorial Hospital in Harrisonburg. (YES to Sentara and ER nurses!!) Jason and Hollie love boating and jet skiing at Smith Mountain Lake.  They love sports and are very competitive in anything where there is a winner or loser....but Hollie wins most of the time..hehehe!

Jason and Hollie, I had the best time with you guys and you are absolutely the sweetest!  You were both the best sports ever as I drug you all over your property! I can't wait until your fall wedding! 



(Kathy Jennings Photography) country engagement session engagement lexington lexington engagement session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/4/jason-and-hollie-lexington-engagement-session Tue, 17 Apr 2018 13:20:54 GMT
Brunch With Brittany | Kathy Jennings Photography https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/3/brunch-with-brittany-kathy-jennings-photography Celebrating with family and friends is one of the amazing highlights of being engaged! On Saturday, Brittany was able to do just that! It was an amazing day filled with mimosas, good food, tons of gifts, and lots of love!  I am so happy that I got to be a part of this happy occasion and that I get to document their entire wedding day!

Brittany and Grant, I am so thankful for the both of you and I love you to pieces! Enjoy some of my favorites from "Brunch with Brittany"!


(Kathy Jennings Photography) virginia brunch engaged hampton inn kerr lexington rettig shower https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/3/brunch-with-brittany-kathy-jennings-photography Mon, 12 Mar 2018 14:10:21 GMT
First Birthday Celebration | Kathy Jennings Photography https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/1/first-birthday-celebration-kathy-jennings-photography Grayson celebrated his first birthday this past weekend with his family and friends. Grayson's mom, Amanda, is seriously the coolest mom!! Just wait until you see the theme of his party and how she put the whole thing together! I honestly think she had every mom there wanting her to plan their child's next birthday party! It really was a fun time and I was so happy to be a part of it.

Take a look at some of my favorites from Grayson's party.  Thanks, Amanda for having me there to capture some sweet memories.



"Time Flies" was the theme of Grayson's party.


(Kathy Jennings Photography) first birthday one one year old" party https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2018/1/first-birthday-celebration-kathy-jennings-photography Tue, 09 Jan 2018 13:35:50 GMT
South River Volunteer Fire Department | Fundraiser with Santa https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/12/south-river-volunteer-fire-department-fundraiser-with-santa The South River Volunteer Fire Department's mission statement says: "The South River Volunteer Fire Department is committed to providing high quality, responsive service which promotes the health, safety, and welfare or all individuals 24 hours a day". They not only serve their community by risking their lives on these emergency calls, but they are also lend their support and time to the community in times of need. Wow....I know I have peace of mind knowing that these men and women are just a call away in an emergency and literally within a "hop, skip, and jump" from my home.   Recently, I had the opportunity to "give back" in such a small way by volunteering to take photos with Santa at one of their fundraisers. It was such a fun time and literally just made me happy to witness the excitement and wonder of the children as they took their turn to see Santa! 

Please support our local fire department and please come out next year to this fun fundraiser! God bless our firefighters and keep them safe on every call!

Here are some highlights from our fun evening! Merry Christmas!


This little girl was by far the happiest and most excited to see Santa! She ran in and couldn't contain herself until she jumped up on his lap! It was so sweet!


                  This little guy wasn't too sure about dear old Santa.... 


                 Full of wonder and so adorable! 


That's a good try, buddy....but you can't pretend it's Christmas Eve already! 


He wouldn't let go of his dad to sit on Santa's lap....however he would wave from afar....so cute!


This little girl was literally asking Santa for her two front teeth....no lie!


This little precious probably gets the award for being the most scared of Santa! 


I couldn't tell if this cutie was scared or mad that mom made her sit on Santa's lap.


And the award for the most skeptical goes to this little pretty! She said, "Santa...your hair feels really fake"....hahahaha...Fast thinking Santa said, "when you get as old as Santa, I am sure your hair will feel fake too."


This little boy was the most anxious to get a candy cane from Santa's bag! 


Definitely the biggest kid of the night!


.....and the oldest kid of the night!


Best buds!


Love this guy so much....see any similarities?


Yep....Santa is a firefighter!


The biggest hug of the night!


Thanks so much Santa for bringing along such great helpers! These guys were awesome!


  That's a wrap...Santa's out! Merry Christmas!

The Santa gallery of all the boys and girls is HERE



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Family Session | McDorman Family https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/family-session-mcdorman-family It was so much fun meeting up with Scott and Amanda and their beautiful family this weekend for a family session! We snuck in some Christmas themed photos and just wait until you see Grayson as a little snowman! Oh my goodness...he is adorable! The whole family made this session so enjoyable! 

Scott and Amanda, thanks so much for choosing me for your photos.  Have a wonderful holiday season!








(Kathy Jennings Photography) children christmas family family session mccormick's farm mcdorman https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/family-session-mcdorman-family Tue, 28 Nov 2017 16:36:04 GMT
Eric and Cristina | Engagement Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/eric-and-cristina-engagement-session Eric and Cristina are getting married in October 2018 at the Irvine Estate. When they were selecting their venue, they wanted mountains and when they saw the Irvine Estate....they knew that was it! These two have been together for 13 years and were friends before they even started dating! Cristina and Eric met through a mutual friend.  Cristina invited Eric to a get together she was having but he didn't show up!! A few weeks later, however, they met again and instantly became friends! They hung out as friends for a few months and then started dating.

From my observations, Eric and Cristina are basically the same person! They are both fun-loving, happy, and absolutely adore each other...and that my friends is so obvious the minute you meet them! Cristina confirmed my observation when she said, "We have tons in common... truthfully after all these years I think we have grown into being more alike one another in so many ways its hard to tell who's character trait or idea it was first!".....see.... I was spot on right! 

Cristina tells me that on their 12th anniversary they spent the weekend at a cabin in Luray... one of their favorite places to visit...... 

"We had a beautiful cabin... it was on the river... we had a picnic lunch packed.  He set up the camera and acted like he was trying to get our picture and as he ran over he dropped down on his knee just in time for a quick pic of the moment." 

Oh my word I love this man for not only surprising Cristina with the ring but for his plan to capture the moment on camera!!  

Eric and Cristina, I am so, so thrilled and honored that you selected me to photograph your wedding! You both are so fun and I feel like we became instant friends! I can't wait for October!!



(Kathy Jennings Photography) 2018 wedding engagement wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/eric-and-cristina-engagement-session Thu, 16 Nov 2017 13:16:10 GMT
Bob and Bennie | Family Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/bob-and-bennie-family-session There was one thing that was truly obvious with this wonderful little family and that was how much they loved each other! I never had to tell Bob to snuggle up to Bennie or either of them to snuggle up with their doggies....they were always right on the money! It truly warms my heart to see couples so in love with each other and so in love with their animal children!

Bennie and Bob...it was a joy working with you both and your sweet, perfectly behaved doggies!  

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session in Gypsy Hill Park.


(Kathy Jennings Photography) family family session marshalls pets https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/bob-and-bennie-family-session Tue, 14 Nov 2017 15:18:46 GMT
Megan Smith | A Randolph Macon College Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/megan-smith-a-randolph-macon-college-session I had the opportunity to travel (thanks Sis!) to Randolph Macon College on Saturday to photograph one of my favorite girls ever....Megan! I've never been to this campus and it is so beautiful! Megan showed us around and before you know it we had covered most of the campus! Megan is always a joy to work with.  I love all her photos! It was hard to narrow it down for the blog, but please enjoy some of my favorites.

Megan, thanks so much for your sweet hospitality and I hope we can do it again next year! I will be following along when softball season starts! Good luck and GO YELLOW JACKETS! 



(Kathy Jennings Photography) 2017 college megan megan smith randolph macon college https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/megan-smith-a-randolph-macon-college-session Tue, 07 Nov 2017 13:05:59 GMT
Doug and Marie | A Lexington, Virginia Fall Engagement Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/doug-and-marie-a-lexington-virginia-fall-engagement-session  



Meeting Doug and Marie for the first time for me was like we had been friends for years! These two are the sweetest couple you will ever meet! We had the most beautiful fall evening for our session on a farm where Marie played as a child. 

Marie and Doug have been in each other's lives for years....11 years to be exact! Marie was still in high school when she met "DW" through some mutual friends. In her first year of college they started dating...nothing serious....and they ended up parting ways, but found their way back to each other in 2011 and they have been together ever since! 

Doug proposed to Marie on Christmas Eve last year and Marie tells me that it was a total surprise....but I will let her tell their story....... 

"DW"  proposed on Christmas Eve last year. It was totally unexpected. We never open presents before Christmas morning and that night he had said he had a gift he wanted me to open. I thought it was weird because again, we have never opened gifts early. I did start to wonder at that point what was going on but proceeded to go in the living room where our Christmas tree was and I sat down on the couch. He handed me a box and asked me to open it - inside was a silver star ornament that he had engraved “Will you Marry me?” with the date 12-24-2016 on it. As soon as I saw/read the ornament he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring!"

Doug and Marie you are so much fun and I can't wait until June when you two get married....love you two already! 



(Kathy Jennings Photography) 2018 wedding couple engagement engagement session fall farm lexington ring virginia wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/11/doug-and-marie-a-lexington-virginia-fall-engagement-session Wed, 01 Nov 2017 11:56:56 GMT
Grant and Brittany | A House Mountain Inn Engagement Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/10/grant-and-brittany-a-house-mountain-inn-engagement-session This engagement session and upcoming wedding is near and dear to my heart! Grant second shoots for me at weddings and Brittany assists! We have the best time ever together and if you have ever seen any of our behind the scenes photos, you would agree.  Grant and Brittany are getting married in May and will be my first 2018 wedding! I absolutely can't wait! 

These two met in a bar where The Worx was playing in February of 2015.  For Grant, it was love at first sight and was the first to declare his love.  Their proposal story is so sweet! Keep in mind that Brittany is a "disney freak" when you read their story because that makes this story even more special!  I will let Brittany tell their story:

"For our two year dating anniversary in February 2017, we went on a cruise. We had done the same for our one year dating anniversary in 2016. It was a great time to celebrate together, and we actually spent the night of our anniversary at the cruise ship’s sports bar watching a UVA basketball game. We had originally planned to only spend one day at Disney the day after our cruise returned. It turned out that we got off the ship earlier than we expected on Thursday, so we went ahead and bought Disney tickets for both Thursday and Friday. I thought it would make most sense to visit all of the parks except for the Magic Kingdom on Thursday so that we could spend the entire day Friday at my favorite park! Little did I know, Grant carried my ring around all day Thursday just in case we ended up going to the Magic Kingdom. He knew he wanted to propose in front of Cinderella’s Castle. He later told me how he thought I was going to feel the ring box in his cargo pocket when we rode Soarin’ because I sat to his right and my leg apparently was touching the ring box the entire time. Fast forward to Friday, March 3, 2017, we strolled down Main Street USA with our coffees and stopped for a picture in front of the castle. This was super typical because there is not a time I’ve ever been to Disney that I didn’t stop for a photo in front of the castle. I walked to the spot where the photographer told us to go, and when I turned around to face the photographer, Grant was down on one knee with the most gorgeous diamond I’ve ever seen before. I immediately started crying and grabbed his face with my hands shaking like crazy. Everyone on Main Street had stopped and were clapping and cheering for us as I said, “YES!” and I kissed my amazing man for the first time as my fiancé. Before we knew it, a Disney staff member came running out with “Happily Ever After” buttons with our engagement date on them. (Seriously, how does Disney do everything so perfectly?!) I remember walking the rest of the way towards the castle shaking, crying, and living my own fairytale! We immediately started sending pictures of my ring to our families. It was so much fun to call everyone and share our excitement. I remember my Daddy’s text saying “The boy did good!” and Grant’s Momma saying “Did you say yes?” when I told them Grant proposed. After we talked with everyone and had more pictures taken, I couldn’t wait to go get a personalized ornament at the Christmas store. If you know me, I’m just like my Momma and MUST get an ornament wherever I go. Throughout the rest of the day, we were congratulated more times that we could count. When we rode rides that took our picture, we would strike a pose to show off my ring. We ended the most perfect day with the fireworks show, and I stood there hugging my fiancé as tears ran down my face. It was truly like a fairytale and the happiest day of my life so far! Looking forward to the rest of our happily ever after!"



(Kathy Jennings Photography) 2018 wedding engagement engagement ring engagement session kerr rettig https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/10/grant-and-brittany-a-house-mountain-inn-engagement-session Thu, 26 Oct 2017 12:38:47 GMT
Nell Trumps | Rockbridge County Senior Session https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/10/nell-trumps-rockbridge-county-senior-session We had a gorgeous fall morning for Nell's senior session.  Nell is a senior at Rockbridge County High School.

Nell, I enjoyed my time with you.  Best wishes for a great school year! 





(Kathy Jennings Photography) 2018 buena vista rchs rockbridge county senior https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/10/nell-trumps-rockbridge-county-senior-session Wed, 25 Oct 2017 12:29:58 GMT
Ronnie and Brittany | A Fairytale Wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/10/ronnie-and-brittany-a-beautiful-fall-wedding  



Ronnie and Brittany were married on October 14, 2017 in Goshen, Virginia. Brittany and Ronnie set the tone for their Beauty and The Beast wedding with their engagement photos using the same theme. Brittany's visions of her dream wedding came to life on Saturday with her fairytale prince, Ronnie.  Ronnie's navy blue suit, Brittany's red rose bouquet, stacks of books, the teapots and of course the enchanted rose and candelabra centerpieces would have made Lumière proud! 

Ronnie and Brittany it was such a pleasure to be a part of your special day! I wish for you a lifetime of love and happiness.



Bride's Dress:  David's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: Becky's Bridal

Hair:  Studio 2

Baker:  Cupcapes

Officiant:  Rev. Dean Staton

Catering:  Hogback Mountain BBQ

DJ:  Frankie Austin





(Kathy Jennings Photography) 2017 beauty and the beast fairytale fall fall wedding smith https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/10/ronnie-and-brittany-a-beautiful-fall-wedding Mon, 23 Oct 2017 11:41:03 GMT
A Rockbridge County Wedding | Robey and Natalie https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/9/rockbridge-county-wedding-robey-and-natalie



Robey and Natalie were married on September 16, 2017 at Bahhur's Whistle Hollow Farm in Fairfield.  I arrived at the hotel where the bride and the bridesmaids were getting hair and makeup done and was greeted with open arms! Such sweet girls and they were all a pleasure to work with! I have so many favorites from this gorgeous wedding...among them so many special details, handmade by Robey, that show up throughout the day... especially the ring boxes!! It was also a perfect day weather-wise so the day just couldn't get any better! I hope you enjoy a few of the photos I have picked out to sum up their day.  

Natalie and Robey, thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your day! May you have and the happiest of marriages! As you start this new journey in life, don’t forget that love is all you need.




Venue – Whistle Hollow Farm  

Baker  - Sweet Treats

DJ – Mark Lamb

Bride’s Dress –  Chantilly Lace

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Attire – Becky’s Bridal

Catering – Chef’s Catering   

Florist – University Florist      

Hair – Deanna Cook Salon DC

Makeup – Laci Fore 

Officiant – Dave Coffey

Director – Avis Slagle

Photographer – Kathy Jennings Photography, Brooke Shehan, Assistant

2nd Photographer – Grant Rettig Photography


(Kathy Jennings Photography) 2017 almanza coffey wedding https://www.kathyjenningsphotography.com/blog/2017/9/rockbridge-county-wedding-robey-and-natalie Mon, 25 Sep 2017 13:12:48 GMT