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First, let me add a disclaimer.  I was not the professional photographer for Brooke's wedding.  The pictures that I post are ones that were snapped by me and Becky and in future posts by Grant Rettig, Grant Rettig Photography. The professional photographers were The Herrintons from Richmond.  If you missed their blog post, you can see it HERE. Thank you Tyler and Ashley!

I thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes preparation for Brooke and Ben's wedding at Big Spring Farm.  I have so many pictures to share of the the girls primping and getting ready for the wedding and pictures that Becky snapped at the wedding, dinner, and party ...and that will come in part 2 tomorrow and photos from the photo booth from Grant Rettig Photography that he has given me permission to share in part 3.

This morning I wanted to give you a little peek into how the wedding was set up and all the people that helped with Brooke and Ben's special day! I'll talk you through it as you scroll along! Enjoy some of my favorites! 

Martha, Debbie, and Patricia made countless trips from the cars with the supplies.  Debbie is carrying the beautiful fans...each and every one handmade by Becky! Those fans were lifesavers at the wedding!


Let's just take a moment to admire Phil's bar.  Phil designed and constructed the awesome bar from old barn wood! Look at the number of men it took to get the bar to Big Spring and set it up.  The bar was totally taken apart before it was hauled to Big Spring on John's huge hay trailer.


Becky and Buddy are standing beside the drink boxes that Phil also made from the same old barn wood as the bar! Phil....YOU ARE AWESOME!!



Do you recognize that barn wood? Phil made the crate to keep the supplies in by the bar! He also made a box to hold an extra keg (not pictured). Phil is such a perfectionist that he even spray painted the trash cans black so they would blend it!!


A quick kiss of appreciation and John is back to the hay field! (Side note:  John, you really need to change your contacts!)

Wait....Ben...aren't you going the wrong way? Ben, Bill, and Richard setting up the conversation area under a shady tree.

Debbie, Becky, and are having way too much fun!!


And those guessed it...that's all Phil!! I can't wait for you to see them decorated.  Those things must weigh a thousand pounds.  Once again, they were broken down piece by piece and hauled to Big Spring along with the bar on John's trailer. The doors provided a dramatic entrance to the ceremony site.  They are gorgeous!! The boxes beside the doors to hold the flower arrangements are also handmade by Phil! Did I mention how AWESOME Phil is???


The future bride and groom pitched in, but also had lots of fun during the day! Brooke also made a run to Pizza Hut to feed this crew! Becky kept the whole crew fed and happy throughout this whole process...well into Sunday when everything was hauled back to the house.  We all enjoyed steak biscuits and wedding cake and relaxed on the deck!

These two, Carrie and Debbie, deserve a little break! Carrie worked all day Thursday at Big Spring and well into Thursday night at Becky's making appetizers.  Debbie (and Hillary...who had to work on Thursday) put in countless hours on Wednesday nights and Debbie helped all day Thursday to set up.


When I wasn't snapping pics...believe it or not, I also worked....but I made this flower photo wall months before the wedding. It provided the perfect backdrop for the Disney photo booth.  One of the things that Becky was most proud of were her disney props!  She handmade each and every one and took great pride in setting them up.  I can't wait for you to see the pics from the photo booth using these props!!

This photo is actually from the wedding (Grant Rettig Photography) but I wanted to show you another piece that Phil made! He built and painted this photo wall! Yes, Phil can do just about anything and he literally worked on these projects for a year!


Ann and Susan get the credit for the gorgeous flower arrangements! Here Martha assists Ann in putting together the arrangements for the ceremony chairs! Ann and Susan did the flower arrangements at the doors, the beautiful swag arrangements on the doors, the table arrangement flowers, and Brookie's throw away bouquet.Becky added her Disney touch by making hidden Mickeys out of pearls for each arrangement. 



Details, details, details........


Phil re-purposed an old cabinet Becky picked up and turned it into the the cake table and Ann put together the carriage carrying Ben, Brooke, and Boonie! It was adorable and the cabinet was perfect! 


Keeley pitched in on Thursday...and Effie checked in for last minute details about the dinner.


The tent for dinner goes up and then Phil, Bobby, Danny, and Bill put up the lights in the tent.

To say Becky thought of every last detail would be a major understatement!! Embossed towels and Disney soap for the restrooms....WHAT???


Enough rest, girls....get to steaming those table overlays!!



Don't miss Part 2 tomorrow..Brooke's Bridesmaids!



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