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Office Makeover | Kathy Jennings Photography

September 23, 2016  •  3 Comments

It was way past time for this office makeover, because the truth of the matter is...I had gotten so lazy with the upkeep of my office.  I would come home from a session and I was tired! I started the bad habit of just dumping everything in my office and it quickly got out of control.  I am too embarrassed to post a before picture, but just to give you some idea of the disarray it had become....my son said, "Mom, you really need to do something in this office!!" So I started the daunting task of moving everything out of the office and the closet.  My whole house was in chaos for a week! I had a plan, although if you walked into my house during the office renovation, you would have never known it!  I started with painting the walls and the woodwork and slowly but surely moved onward! I got plenty of pinterest inspiration and finally my vision came to life this week.  I love it and now I have the "bug" to move on to some other rooms in the house to keep me busy when I retire from BVCPS in December.  Hope you enjoy looking through and reading about how my vision came to life for my office! 


I knew I wanted to use grey,white and black with a pop of color so I started with a light grey paint for the walls and white furniture.  The cubbies and desk are from Amazon and the bench is from Ollies.  The office chairs are from Wayfair, the curtains from Kmart, and the rug from Walmart.  I made the bench cushion from an extra curtain panel and foam stapled to a piece of plywood cut to the size of the top of the bench.

In the corner you can see that I used a $5.99 toliet paper holder from Ross to hold my monopods and tripods. The mail holder on the desk is also from Ross ($5.99) and is the perfect charging station for my ipad and iphone.

The books are actually book spines glued to a box to hide my router and modem.  There are so many clever ideas on pinterest! 

The lamp is from Walmart and adds a touch of color to the office. 

My favorite photography quote of all time......

I love to collect vintage cameras and decided to move most of them into my office.  The SMILE letters are from the dollar bin at Michaels! The table and chairs are from Wayfair and just the perfect size to fit in the corner.

I fell in love with this dainty chandelier from Amazon and Phil and Bobby had it up in no time! I bought the canvas bins in bulk from Amazon.

I spruced up some old plastic drawers by adding some white and grey chevron contact paper. I sat my wireless printer on top and the drawers are perfect to store printer paper, labels, etc.  I also used the contact paper for some backing on shelves.

I picked up these white photo boxes from Michaels for $1.42 each! 

My "all things vintage" obsession found it's way into the office.  The suitcase (which I already had) is the perfect place to store all those camera batteries that need charging!  Bobby drilled a hole in the back of the suitcase for the power strip plug to poke through and it plugs directly into an outlet.  I LOVE this! 

I moved out my full size computer and monitor that Bobby used to play games and to browse the internet and put in my chrome book for him to use! He wasn't exactly happy with that decision! But hey, he has his own space on one side of the desk and we both can be in the office at the same time. He should like that.....right?

My all time favorite photo of my little pretties! I applied the blown up print to a canvas and applied several coats of mod podge. The peg board is from my scrapbook days and I decided to leave it to mount the TV.


Brenda arehart(non-registered)
Beautiful! Great job! Another job for your future retirement---interior decorating, really.
The office looks amazing. Such clever ideas! A beautiful space inspiring creativity. Please come do mine next! ;-)
Absolutely beautiful. You are so creative!
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