Grant and Brittany | A House Mountain Inn Engagement Session

October 26, 2017  •  3 Comments

This engagement session and upcoming wedding is near and dear to my heart! Grant second shoots for me at weddings and Brittany assists! We have the best time ever together and if you have ever seen any of our behind the scenes photos, you would agree.  Grant and Brittany are getting married in May and will be my first 2018 wedding! I absolutely can't wait! 

These two met in a bar where The Worx was playing in February of 2015.  For Grant, it was love at first sight and was the first to declare his love.  Their proposal story is so sweet! Keep in mind that Brittany is a "disney freak" when you read their story because that makes this story even more special!  I will let Brittany tell their story:

"For our two year dating anniversary in February 2017, we went on a cruise. We had done the same for our one year dating anniversary in 2016. It was a great time to celebrate together, and we actually spent the night of our anniversary at the cruise ship’s sports bar watching a UVA basketball game. We had originally planned to only spend one day at Disney the day after our cruise returned. It turned out that we got off the ship earlier than we expected on Thursday, so we went ahead and bought Disney tickets for both Thursday and Friday. I thought it would make most sense to visit all of the parks except for the Magic Kingdom on Thursday so that we could spend the entire day Friday at my favorite park! Little did I know, Grant carried my ring around all day Thursday just in case we ended up going to the Magic Kingdom. He knew he wanted to propose in front of Cinderella’s Castle. He later told me how he thought I was going to feel the ring box in his cargo pocket when we rode Soarin’ because I sat to his right and my leg apparently was touching the ring box the entire time. Fast forward to Friday, March 3, 2017, we strolled down Main Street USA with our coffees and stopped for a picture in front of the castle. This was super typical because there is not a time I’ve ever been to Disney that I didn’t stop for a photo in front of the castle. I walked to the spot where the photographer told us to go, and when I turned around to face the photographer, Grant was down on one knee with the most gorgeous diamond I’ve ever seen before. I immediately started crying and grabbed his face with my hands shaking like crazy. Everyone on Main Street had stopped and were clapping and cheering for us as I said, “YES!” and I kissed my amazing man for the first time as my fiancé. Before we knew it, a Disney staff member came running out with “Happily Ever After” buttons with our engagement date on them. (Seriously, how does Disney do everything so perfectly?!) I remember walking the rest of the way towards the castle shaking, crying, and living my own fairytale! We immediately started sending pictures of my ring to our families. It was so much fun to call everyone and share our excitement. I remember my Daddy’s text saying “The boy did good!” and Grant’s Momma saying “Did you say yes?” when I told them Grant proposed. After we talked with everyone and had more pictures taken, I couldn’t wait to go get a personalized ornament at the Christmas store. If you know me, I’m just like my Momma and MUST get an ornament wherever I go. Throughout the rest of the day, we were congratulated more times that we could count. When we rode rides that took our picture, we would strike a pose to show off my ring. We ended the most perfect day with the fireworks show, and I stood there hugging my fiancé as tears ran down my face. It was truly like a fairytale and the happiest day of my life so far! Looking forward to the rest of our happily ever after!"




Kristy Rettig(non-registered)
Words cannot describe how the joy that I feel when I look at these two! Grant and Brittany, life is not always a fairy tale, but love will ALWAYS win! Celebrate the love today, and draw upon it when life is hard. You WILL live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! GOD BLESS!!! ...and thank you Kathy Jennings for the kindness that you have shared with my loves!
Wendy Hubbard(non-registered)
Can’t wait to see you walk the isle to marry your prince. Love both of you so much!
Jessica Beverley(non-registered)
The sweetest couple! This little princess will be a beautiful bride! And, I know that Grant will treat her like a queen! He already does!
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