Kathy Jennings Photography | South River Volunteer Fire Department | Fundraiser with Santa

South River Volunteer Fire Department | Fundraiser with Santa

December 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The South River Volunteer Fire Department's mission statement says: "The South River Volunteer Fire Department is committed to providing high quality, responsive service which promotes the health, safety, and welfare or all individuals 24 hours a day". They not only serve their community by risking their lives on these emergency calls, but they are also lend their support and time to the community in times of need. Wow....I know I have peace of mind knowing that these men and women are just a call away in an emergency and literally within a "hop, skip, and jump" from my home.   Recently, I had the opportunity to "give back" in such a small way by volunteering to take photos with Santa at one of their fundraisers. It was such a fun time and literally just made me happy to witness the excitement and wonder of the children as they took their turn to see Santa! 

Please support our local fire department and please come out next year to this fun fundraiser! God bless our firefighters and keep them safe on every call!

Here are some highlights from our fun evening! Merry Christmas!


This little girl was by far the happiest and most excited to see Santa! She ran in and couldn't contain herself until she jumped up on his lap! It was so sweet!


                  This little guy wasn't too sure about dear old Santa.... 


                 Full of wonder and so adorable! 


That's a good try, buddy....but you can't pretend it's Christmas Eve already! 


He wouldn't let go of his dad to sit on Santa's lap....however he would wave from afar....so cute!


This little girl was literally asking Santa for her two front teeth....no lie!


This little precious probably gets the award for being the most scared of Santa! 


I couldn't tell if this cutie was scared or mad that mom made her sit on Santa's lap.


And the award for the most skeptical goes to this little pretty! She said, "Santa...your hair feels really fake"....hahahaha...Fast thinking Santa said, "when you get as old as Santa, I am sure your hair will feel fake too."


This little boy was the most anxious to get a candy cane from Santa's bag! 


Definitely the biggest kid of the night!


.....and the oldest kid of the night!


Best buds!


Love this guy so much....see any similarities?


Yep....Santa is a firefighter!


The biggest hug of the night!


Thanks so much Santa for bringing along such great helpers! These guys were awesome!


  That's a wrap...Santa's out! Merry Christmas!

The Santa gallery of all the boys and girls is HERE




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