Brittany + Grant | House Mountain Inn Wedding

May 21, 2018  •  1 Comment


Grant and Brittany were married on Saturday, May 5, 2018 at House Mountain Inn surrounded by their closest family and friends.  The forecast did not look good days out from the wedding and the night before there was a 100% chance of rain for Saturday.

Of course, Brittany had a back-up plan and was perfectly fine if it came to moving the ceremony under shelter.  The rain held off and it only sprinkled a little during the ceremony, but you know what... I don't even think Grant or Brittany realized it was raining!

Their ceremony was so touching and totally reflected who they are as a couple. They both were so very happy and if you see tears in the photos (and you will) they are all tears of joy and love! Heck, there were times I couldn't even see through my camera because my tears were flowing! The day was absolutely magical!  

Grant and Brittany, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your forever memories! May you always be as happy as you were on your wedding day!! Love you both!! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from the day.


2018_05_05 rettig_-770.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-770.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-775.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-775.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-779.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-779.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-228.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-228.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-852.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-852.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-864.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-864.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-874.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-874.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-789-2.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-789-2.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-34.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-34.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-323.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-323.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-368.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-368.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-374.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-374.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-382.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-382.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-385.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-385.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-394.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-394.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-409.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-409.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-472.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-472.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-895.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-895.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-902.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-902.jpg      2018_05_05 rettig_-789.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-789.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-799.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-799.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-818.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-818.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-795.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-795.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-822.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-822.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-686.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-686.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-691.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-691.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-706.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-706.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-717.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-717.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-738.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-738.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-741.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-741.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-762.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-762.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-766.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-766.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2995.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2995.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3018.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3018.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-3056.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3056.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3080.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3080.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3104.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3104.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-3113.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-3113.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1306.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1306.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1275.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1275.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1101.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1101.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1328.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1328.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1421.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1421.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1112.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1112.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1125.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1125.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1450.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1450.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1484.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1484.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-1492.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1492.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1503.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1503.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1517.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1517.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1521.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1521.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1539.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1539.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1567.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1567.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1582.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1582.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1597.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1597.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1612.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1612.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1623.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1623.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1624.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1624.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1637.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1637.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1640.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1640.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-1644.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1644.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-1665.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1665.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1679.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1679.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-940.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-940.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-941.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-941.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-944.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-944.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-952.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-952.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-2495.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2495.jpg    2018_05_05 rettig_-1015.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1015.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1017.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1017.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1680-2.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1680-2.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1688.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1688.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1694.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1694.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1715.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1715.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1718.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1718.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1725.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1725.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1734.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1734.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-1744.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-1744.jpg   2018_05_05 rettig_-2663.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2663.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2883.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2883.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2945.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2945.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2967.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2967.jpg 2018_05_05 rettig_-2975.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2975.jpg              

2018_05_05 rettig_-2642.jpg2018_05_05 rettig_-2642.jpg

Place your mouse over the bottom of the photo below to play the slideshow.



Venue:  House Mountain Inn

Videographer:  Brown Bow Tie Videography

Wedding Attire:  Becky's Bridal

Invitations:  Grant Rettig

D.J. - J.D. Camden

Florist - University Florist

Wedding Planner:  Jamie Grue, House Mountain Inn

Coordinator:  Brooke Shehan Events

Makeup:  Danielle Hand

Hair:  Cindy's Salon

Program and Signage:  Katy Patterson

Cake:  Suan Tedrow, Tasteful Planning

Cake Projection:  Grant Rettig

Officiants:  Pastor Michael Hamilton and Danny Cole

Catering:  House Mountain Inn

Photographer:  Kathy Jennings Photography assisted by Becky Sheets










Belinda Martin(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures and a beautiful couple. Kathy you are so talented you always seem to capture the heart, soul and love of each couple.
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