Kathy Jennings Photography | Wedding Rehearsal & More | A Big Spring Farm Wedding

Wedding Rehearsal & More | A Big Spring Farm Wedding

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First, let me add a disclaimer.  I was not the professional photographer for Brooke's wedding.  The pictures that I post are ones that were snapped by me and Becky.. and in this post and tomorrow's post by Grant Rettig, Grant Rettig Photography. The professional photographers were The Herrintons from Richmond.  If you missed their blog post, you can see it HERE. Thank you Tyler and Ashley!

Today's post is all about the wedding including the rehearsal, dinner, and party. There were so many special elements to Brooke's wedding and some surprises for Brooke and Ben that Becky planned that it just seems fitting for me to share it all! 

The first few photos are from the rehearsal at Big Spring Farm.  The Rev. David Dickerson from Radford, who was once pastor at Bethesda Presbyterian Church, officiated the ceremony. I will talk you through the other photos as you scroll through. Here we go!!


Patricia, the day of coordinator, had it all together! She even had to use her "teacher voice" a couple of times at the rehearsal! In addition to helping with the setup, Patricia directed the rehearsal and couldn't have done a better job with the day of the wedding coordination! I know she must have been exhausted on Sunday. I just can't say enough good things about her to do her justice...she is awesome!!!! Thank you so much!!


Finally a quite moment at rehearsal for the mother of the bride!


Boone is such a huge part of Ben and Brooke's life, that they thought their wedding just couldn't be complete without him there! Boonie was adorable in his blue seersucker halter and pink bow tie...matching his daddy's blue seersucker suit and bow tie. Boonie was so excited to see his mommy looking so beautiful!! (iphone photos)


All the above photos are photos from my iphone! 


The subtle Disney elements at this wedding were incredible.  In previous posts, I have mentioned some of the details....the hidden Mickeys, the Disney props, the Disney soap and towels in all the restrooms, the Mr. and Mrs. Shehan Mickey hats, and a new one...Mickey Mouse socks for the groom and groomsmen...and so much more, but the ceremony itself was infused with beautiful Disney music played by Four Seasons String Quartet and sung by Stephanie Clark and Danny (Spec) Groah.

Brooke's first surprise came as she got out of the carriage and walked toward the ceremony. Stephanie sang and the Four Seasons String Quartet played Disney's "When You Wish Upon A Star" and it was absolutely beautiful!! Brookie had no idea Becky had planned this and we later learned from Brookie that as she reached the back of the closed doors and met Patricia she said to her, "Oh no, Stephanie is singing the wrong song.." Patricia quickly assured her that it was the correct song and it was a surprise from her mom...bringing on the ugly cry from Brookie! First of all....Stephanie would NEVER sing the wrong song...come on now...Stephanie is awesome and a true professional. Her beautiful voice brings tears to my eyes each and every time she sings!

As Brookie and Phil stood behind the doors, the string quartet played "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" from The Lion King.  John and Colby opened the doors for Phil and Brookie to start her walk down the aisle. It was beautiful! (The above photos are courtesy of Hillary Kerr).


Notice Cinderella's Carriage on the Ring Bearer's pillow?

Brooke and Ben's second surprise came after the ceremony and after the photographers were finished with family formal pictures.  Becky had set up a small table and chairs by the spring for Brooke and Ben to have a few minutes to themselves before they were off to dinner and to greet their guests.  What a wonderful idea, one that Becky stressed over before the wedding.....where to set the table, how would she keep the champagne cold, how would she get the picnic basket over to the table after the ceremony? She had thought about ditching the idea altogether, but thank goodness she didn't because Brookie said that it was one of her favorite parts of the wedding!!  The picnic basket had champagne for their first toast together as husband and wife and a few of the appetizers (because Becky said, "Brookie won't even get to taste the appetizers at the wedding").....I'm telling you, Becky thought of every last detail.


Just take a second to admire these fans that Becky worked so hard on...not all of them had Mickey heads on them..(insert a surprised face here..haha)! 


These doors....Oh my word....they were beautiful BEFORE they were decorated but thanks to Susan and Ann they were absolutely gorgeous after the arrangements were added.  Through the doors you can see the wine barrels with the table top that held lemonade and water for the guests.  Now, who do you think is responsible for building that table top?  I know every one of you are saying, "Phil" and you are correct!! He re-purposed the wine barrels and he made the table top from the same barn wood as the doors...complete with hinges. The lemonade and water were a huge hit and the guests appreciated it as the temps reached around 90 degrees that day!


Lexington Carriage provided the gorgeous horses and carriage that transported Brooke and Phil from the house to the ceremony.



Hot air balloons, handmade by Becky, Ann, and Susan, added a special touch to the wedding because Ben proposed to Brookie in a hot air balloon on July 4! The balloons were hung around the tent and in the barn.  Sooo sweet!


Bill Knarr, Bill Knarr Entertainment, was the D.J. he and provided great music the whole night.  For wedding party introductions, he played Enter Sandman. GO HOKIES!


Connie Clements gets the credit for the beautiful wedding cake! We all are such fans of Sue's cakes and they are delicious.  The closeup photo is of a hidden Mickey on the cake.  Robert Carkin, a Chef from Arlington and a sweet friend, provided the wonderful Groom's cake.  I got to sample that deliciousness before the wedding and it was out of this world good!! 


OK.... I will take the credit for Brookie's bridal portraits taken at The Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia! Becky, Brooke and I had such a good time that day! We had a hard time deciding on which ones to display at the wedding but finally narrowed it down to two.  One inside and one outside.

Why yes.... that is my handsome husband dancing the night away!! (Another SURPRISED face goes here....WHAT??)


Laurel and Sherry were the fabulous bartenders!! I mean FABULOUS!!! They made special trips to Becky's during the planning stages so we could come up with and sample the signature drinks! They tended bar all night and kept the guests happy! Thank you so much Laurel and Sherry!!

Another favorite part of the wedding for Brookie was the lantern launch...and I must say, another stressful part in the planning stages of the wedding. Those things are so darn delicate and unpredictable!  Becky and I made many practice launches, a few of which did not have the best of endings (we can now say that we have chased a hot air balloon!)......but at the wedding, it couldn't have been more perfect and more beautiful. The lantern launch was inspired by the Disney movie "Tangled".  Stephanie and Spec serenaded the guests as they launched the lanterns with the Disney song from Tangled, "I See The Light". Absolutely beautiful!!! (Grant! I LOVE this photo!!)

The grand finale....the sparkler exit and another great photo by Grant Rettig! 


This is what happens when Hillary gets hold of Becky's camera after Brookie and Ben left!  First order of business..a selfie!! Hillary, you are awesome!! Don't miss part four....the final part in this series, tomorrow! You will get to see all those Disney props put to use!
                      Part 2, The Bridesmaids


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